Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day 3: Warrnambool – Adelaide

We’re having trouble getting the EXCISED juggernaut moving. The Adelaide part of today day took a long time to come about. The day began with a photo shoot for the Warrnambool Standard which published an article about EXCISED in its next edition. But then we discovered that our trailer was beginning to fall apart. It had been generously lent us by the Fairhaven Surf Lifesaving Club, but years of sea water had begun to take its toll. As we loaded the kayaks onto the trailer after smiling for the camera in our best adventure gear, we discovered a crack that opened and closed as though it was talking as we rocked the trailer. We thought that we shouldn’t go on to Adelaide without having it looked at by expert eyes. Those we found in Wangoom. My old friend, Murray, blacksmith, welder, and all round fixer of things spent most of the day repairing the damage and teaching us how to grease and protect wheel bearings – the best insurance policy for the trailer, he told us. After he had kitted us out with an inverter so that we could charge up our electrical equipment, and Gage had fed us on ‘roo that Murray had shot, we hit the road to Adelaide, arriving there late in the evening.

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