Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 11: Pimba


The third day wasted on the trailer. Got a call from Simon that he had bought a new trailer. He sent the message through that he was due to arrive back in Pimba at 3.30. The plan was to get Will to do the welding in the early afternoon, then we will head west. Will is at work this morning and working again tomorrow. The window is this afternoon. It was all going to plan. Then got another call from Simon. He’s been held up by and won’t be back until 6.30. I went up to check with Will that he can do the job in the dark, but he’s not home. If he can’t we’re stuck again. The likelihood that we will make it to Perth for our Christmas Island flights on Friday morning seems increasingly remote. If we get Will on the job this evening, we have some pretty serious distances to put behind us over the next few days.


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