Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day 10: Woomera/Pimba

The trailer looks like it is about to die. In the daylight, it looks like it has nothing left to it. Bits of metal that were once welded together have now come apart. The whole left rear of the thing is sagging and bouncing. Where once there was metal, there is now, in the best places, rust, and in the worst, nothing.

We crawled out of our camp site nursing the sorry thing behind us. We did some filming at the old Woomera detention centre. It has now been closed for years, but it still feels like a place you want to steer clear of. In its time, it was a site of trauma, violence, riots, unrest, protest and destruction…..I couldn’t get out of the detention centre precinct quick enough. A crow called and the nothingness of the place felt surreal.

We headed for the Woomera township to get some advice on the trailer. It was looking worse by the minute. Finally, we hooked up with the local mechanic in Pimba – the highway town 8km from Woomera. Graeme took one look at the thing, laughed, and ever so eloquently said that its time was over. There was no point doing any repairs on it. We needed a new trailer.
Over to Spuds Roadhouse to set up camp in the dust at the bottom of the car park. Simon took off for Adelaide where he will buy a trailer tomorrow. He will then come back to Pimba where we will get another guy, Will, to weld the racks from the old trailer onto the new one.


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