Saturday, August 25, 2007

Days 41- 44: Derby – Fitzroy Crossing – Kunnnannarrra – Katherine – Darwin

A long day of driving to Fitzroy Crossing was rewarded with a campfire by the river. In the morning we hit the water at Geeky Gorge. Four kayaks, four adults and two children. The river was magnificent, the red banks opening up into the gorge with its rock formations, white and red and grey. The paddle was too short, but we had to hit the road again.

From Fitzroy we stopped briefly at a waterhole where Big John and the rest of us took a cool break from the heat of the day. We drove all day, stopping at sunset at a dusty break to camp the night. We could hear the road trains rushing by all night. In the morning we headed in to Kununurra and to the Mirrima National Park where the so-called mini Bungle Bungles are located. Another breathtaking place on this journey!

Kununurra to Katherine was just one amazing landscape after another. If we had the time, we could have stopped every few kilometres to take photos and footage for the doco. If we had the time!!!! The trip has been a rush from one place to the next since we got on the road. The time on the water has been almost the only respite to this mad pace we have been setting. We have taken on too much for such a short amount of time. And it is frustrating and tiring.

Not long after the sun had gone down we drove into Katherine. We needed to eat and to set up camp. We were all feeling exhausted. But nothing that an evening swim in the hot spring couldn’t fix.

Friday morning: A paddle at Katherine Gorge. Another treat in the EXCISED project. And a break in the crazy pace we have been setting. But again, we had to get on the road too early. This time, heading for Darwin.

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